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Anoka Technical College

MATH 1010 - Dosage Calculations for Health Care Professionals - 1 credits
The course will include the different systems of measurement (metric and household) and the different equivalents of measure used to convert between the systems. The ratio-proportion method will be used to set up and solve basic dosage calculations, dosage calculations involving conversions, and calculations to reconstitute medications. IV calculations will be performed to calculate drops per minute and milliliters per hour of prescribed IV solution to be administered. Calculations for adult and pediatric dosages based on body weight will be performed. (Prerequisites: Meet Accuplacer score of 81 or higher OR have obtained a B or better in MATH0801 Basic Math, prior to enrolling in the course) (1 credit lecture/0 credits lab)
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Dakota County Technical College

HEAL 1150 - Health Career Mathematics - 1 credits
This course will assist students in mastering the skills necessary to determine drug dosages. Applicable basic skills will be reviewed, followed by proportions and a study of the metric system and the apothecaries' system. A major portion of the time will be spent solving drug dosage word problems. Prerequisite: Qualifying scores on ACCUPLACER Arithmetic test.
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Northland Community and Technical College

MATH 1003 - Math Applications for Nurses - 2 credits
This course examines basic mathematical concepts as they apply to the nursing program. The course includes a review of mathematical operations, and measurement conversions. Specific skills covered include medication dosage calculations, fluid replacement, intravenous drug calculations, and titration of medications. Prerequisites: MATH 0080 with a C or better or appropriate Math assessment score.
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Pine Technical and Community College

HPPC 1000 - Medical Dosages - 1 credits
This course will focus on introducing students to medical dosages and the terminology associated with medication orders. Students will learn theory and skills related to calculating medication dosages.
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