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Normandale Community College

GEOG 1101 - Physical Geography - 4 credits

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North Hennepin Community College

GEOG 1010 - Physical Geography - 3 credits
Natural Science (03)
People/Environment (10)
This course will provide an introduction to the physical processes that are at work at all times on the surface of the earth. This course provides an introduction to the processes that influence the lithosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere. Topics covered include earthquakes, volcanoes, tornadoes, blizzards, winds, precipitation, the Hydrological Cycle, vegetation and soil. This course includes a basic understanding of how these systems interact and how the physical landscape interacts with the human landscape. Included in this will be discussions about environmental concerns such as acid precipitation, ozone depletion, soil degradation, desertification and rainforest destruction. This course includes lab-like coursework/exams that will enhance a student's ability to make observations, form questions, pose hypotheses, make predictions and critically evaluate scientific data and results.
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