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Minnesota State University Moorhead

MATH 336 - Intermediate Probability and Statistics II - 3 credits
(STAT 301+STAT 311)
One and two sample tests of hypotheses, Chi-square tests, analysis of variance, completely randomized and randomized block designs, least square estimation, simple linear regression, multiple linear regression, hypotheses testing and confidence intervals for regression parameters, testing of models, model selection procedures, multicolinearity, introduction of qualitative variables, estimation, interpretation, and testing of hypotheses, checking validity of models.
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Normandale Community College

MATH 2080 - Statistical Modeling - 3 credits
Mathematical/Logical Reasoning (04)
This course provides an introduction to statistical model building including simple linear regression, non-linear models, logistic regression, and multiple regression models. Optionally, an instructor may include an introduction to artificial neural net models. Examples of modeling problems will be used from a variety of disciplines and thus the course should be useful to students interested in physical sciences, biology, economics, finance, and data science.
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Winona State University

STAT 360 - Regression Analysis - 3 credits
Simple linear regression, multiple regression, hypothesis testing, analysis of residuals, stepwise regression. Interpretation of computer output will be emphasized. Prerequisite: STAT 310 - Intermediate Statistics, or ECON 322 - Intermediate Statistics for Business and Economics, or PSY 331 - Advanced Research Methods and Analysis in Psychology. Grade only. Offered annually.
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