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Minnesota State University Moorhead

PSY 469 - Internship - 1-12 credits
Placement in a practical setting under appropriate individual or agency and departmental supervision. Students must be psychology majors with at least Junior standing and must have a GPA of 2.5 or higher. A maximum of 12 internship credits may be applied to the degree.
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Southwest Minnesota State University

PSYC 400 - Advanced Applied Psychology - 3 credits
In this course, students will attend a seminar where such matters as ethical principles of psychologists, difficulties in translating theory into practice, and applied research will be discussed. Students will be required to spend 100 hours "in the field." This course may be repeated for credit once. NOTE: For students majoring in Community Psychology and Health Promotion, one of the internships must be directly related to Community Psychology and include one or more of the following applied learning experiences: program evaluation; outcome/process evaluation of a mental health education workshop, health promotion initiative, or prevention program; narrative interview of or other form of qualitative research; and/or grant writing experience.
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St. Cloud State University

CPSY 444 - Internship - 6-12 credits
Arranged by contract with field supervisor, college supervisor, and student; should be established semester prior to experience. Credits awarded are determined by clock hours involved. Permission of instructor. 6-12 Cr. F, S, SUM.
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