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Course Equivalents for CMST 318 at St. Cloud State University in Fall 2021 (Aug - Dec)

While all courses listed as equivalents below are transferable, they are not necessarily equivalent in both directions. The courses below transfer TO the college or university shown above. To see how courses from your home college or university transfer to other participating colleges or universities, you can search Transferology.

If you are enrolling in the equivalent course in order to fulfill a program/major requirement, it is best to check with your academic advisor to ensure that the equivalent course will meet the requirements of your particular major.

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Ridgewater College

CMST 2280 - Argument and Reasoning - 3 credits
Ethical/Civic Resp (09)
Humanities/Fine Arts (06)
An introduction to the field of argumentation, addressing the basic structure, types, and critical analysis of argument. Students will learn types of reasoning, argument structure, common fallacies, and refutation, and will apply this knowledge in the construction of arguments. MnTC Goal: 6 & 9
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Winona State University

CMST 375 - Argumentation - 3 credits
Study argumentative strategies employed in the process of decision making. Participants in the class use research, discussion, and practice sessions in argumentative speaking and writing to develop their critical thinking skills. Prerequisite: CMST 191 or CMST 192. Offered yearly.
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