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While all courses listed as equivalents below are transferable, they are not necessarily equivalent in both directions. The courses below transfer TO the college or university shown above. To see how courses from your home college or university transfer to other participating colleges or universities, you can search Transferology.

If you are enrolling in the equivalent course in order to fulfill a program/major requirement, it is best to check with your academic advisor to ensure that the equivalent course will meet the requirements of your particular major.

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Bemidji State University

CRJS 4970 - Internship/Internship - 9-12/12 credits

When taken as a requirement the following description may apply: A full time supervised field instruction in a public or private criminal justice agency. The student is expected to demonstrate his/her acquired knowledge and skills to the criminal justice practice. Students should arrange for this class at least one quarter in advance of the quarter of enrollment. Graded Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory. Prerequisites: Completion of major required courses; major GPA of 2.25; overall GPA of 2.00 and consent of instructor.
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Metropolitan State University

CJS 377 - Criminal Justice Practicum - 1-8 credits
This field practicum involves the student in the day-to-day function of a criminal justice agency. It is designed to provide students with an opportunity to translate the theoretically-oriented classroom experience into practical application.
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Minnesota State University Moorhead

CJ 469 - Internship - 1-12 credits
A supervised, practical experience in criminal justice. A maximum of 12 internship credits may be applied to the degree. Credits may not be applied to the criminal justice major.
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Minnesota State University, Mankato

CORR 496 - Field Practicum: Corrections - 10 credits
Full time experience in a corrections agency with an emphasis on the development of skills. For Corrections majors only. Required for major. Formal application required.
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CORR 498 - Internship: Corrections - 1-12 credits
The internship in Corrections is designed to provide opportunities to apply classroom learning, to practice and enhance skills, to experience professional socialization, and to explore a career. It also serves as a vehicle for the student to become more aware of personal strengths and to identify areas in which further growth is needed.
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LAWE 492 - Internship - 1-8 credits

Field placement with a law enforcement agency or related organization. Provides a learning experience in which the student can integrate and apply knowledge and theory derived from curriculum. P/N only.
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Southwest Minnesota State University

JUAD 499 - Field Experience/Internship - 3-12 credits
This course allows the Justice Administration major or Criminal Justice minor to explore the actual day-to-day operations of a specific career or field of interest by participating with a professional in that occupation. This opportunity allows the student to explore career options and gain general work experience in the chosen area of the criminal justice system.
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