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Anoka-Ramsey Community College

BUS 2215 - Legal Environment of Business - 3 credits
This course provides an in-depth focus of law as it relates to the business environment. Areas of study include Employment Law, Business Ethics, Employee Discrimination, Labor Law, Product Liability, Environmental Regulation, and International Law. The U.S. Legal System will also be discussed.
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Bemidji State University

BUAD 2220 - Legal Environment - 3 credits
An introduction to business and the law. Considers the general nature of law, the legal system, alternative dispute resolution, constitutional law, business ethics, torts, contracts, product liability, employment law, business organizations, consumer protection, and the rights and responsibilities of individuals and businesses in our society.
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Inver Hills Community College

BUS 1131 - Prior Learning Assessment: Legal Environment of Business - 3 credits

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Lake Superior College

LGST 1420 - Business Law - An Introduction - 3 credits
This course is an introductory course in the principles of business law as they apply to individuals and businesses. This course focuses on the ethical, social, and political perspectives underlying the United States legal system. Topics include the operation of the United States legal system, constitutional law as it affects businesses, intellectual property, contracts, contracts for the sale of goods, agency and employment law, and business organizations. (Prerequisites: College-level reading and writing) (3 hrs lec/0 hrs lab/0 hrs OJT)
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Metropolitan State University

BLAW 320 - Legal Environment of Organizations - 4 credits

The behavior of organizations and people in organizations is influenced in a variety of ways by the Constitution, state and federal legislation, regulations by all levels of government, by judicial opinions and by ethical considerations. This course explores selected aspects of the legal environment, including antitrust and fair trade laws, the law of contracts, laws and regulations concerning the workplace and workplace behavior, environmental protections, and ethical standards. Issues relating to franchising and trading in securities are also addressed within the context of the law and ethics.
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Minneapolis Community and Technical College

BUSN 1260 - Legal Environment of Business - 3 credits
This course is designed to give you an understanding of the rights and duties you have as a citizen, individually and in the business world. It covers such business-oriented subjects as contracts, agencies, bills and notes; the law of negligence; the system of courts; and instruction on criminal law with emphasis on protections afforded businesses.
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Minnesota State Community and Technical College

ACCT 1120 - Business Law - 3 credits
This course is an introduction to the principles of law as they apply to citizens and businesses. Topics include the court system, legal system, contracts, negotiable instruments, and agency and employer/employee relationships.
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Minnesota State University, Mankato

BLAW 200 - Legal Environment of Business - 3 credits

Application of law to business settings; the American court system; alternative dispute resolution; ethics and the social responsibility of business; fundamentals of legal reasoning; sources of law; constitutional, criminal, tort, and contract law; business associations.
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Normandale Community College

BUSN 2155 - Legal Environment of Business - 3 credits

A survey course about the legal aspects of managing a business. It includes a review of the basic U.S. legal system, ethics, contracts, legal structure of business, employment, consumer issues, and international business law.
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North Hennepin Community College

BUS 1300 - Legal Environment of Business - 3 credits
Students will study the basic principles of law and the societal forces which influence the development of these principles. Topics include legal procedure, court structure, ethics, international law, constitutional law, administrative law, contracts, sales, torts, business entities, business regulation, and consumer protection. The focus of the course is on business entities, their employees and customers.
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St. Cloud Technical and Community College

BUSM 2275 - Legal Environment of Business - 3 credits
This course covers key areas of law relevant to businesses. An overview is provided of civil laws that impact businesses including constitutional law, statutory law, common law and administrative regulations. The US legal framework is studied. Case law will be an integral part of the course as students learn to apply the law to business situations. Major content areas include the US legal system, business ethics, tort and contract law, employment, consumer and environmental law. Student Learning Outcomes: * Explain business law concepts and apply these concepts to relevant business issues. * Evaluate the fundamentals of business law. * Contrast sources of law including constitutional law, statutory law and case law and administrative law. * Distinguish between resolving legal disputes through the court system and/or alternative dispute resolution. * Evaluate the legal consequences of business decisions. * Identify and analyze ethical issues that arise in business environment. * Analyze a legal issue arising in the business environment. * Assess alternative outcomes in legal case studies. * Recognize the global and cultural environment in which businesses function.
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