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Bemidji State University

POL 1300 - Introduction to International Relations - 3 credits
Ethical/Civic Resp (09)
Global Perspective (08)
Surveys various theories explaining the behavior of nation-states, the causes of war and peace as well as the role of multinational corporations and international organizations in international politics. Liberal Education Goal Areas 8 & 9.
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Minneapolis Community and Technical College

PSCI 1104 - World Politics - 3 credits
Hist/Soc/Behav Sci (05)
Global Perspective (08)
This introductory course helps you develop a better understanding of the major issues and conflicts that challenge our present global order. The course will cover the following main topics: the politics of intervention; cooperation and conflict in global institutions; south-north relations and the politics of hunger, development, foreign aid, and trade; politics of human rights and the environment; politics of the arms race; and case studies in the politics of international conflicts. The selection will depend on world events as they occur during the semester.
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Winona State University

POLS 135 - Introduction to Comparative Politics - 3 credits
Ethical/Civic Resp (09)
Comparative study of different political systems with an emphasis on the frameworks used to compare them, and the concepts used to analyze and describe politics in different countries. Also includes case studies. Grade only. Offered each semester. Meets GOAL 9.
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