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ENGR 2070 - Thermodynamics
Summer 2019, Section 01

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000159 ENGR 2070 01 Thermodynamics
05/29 - 08/14
2:30pm - 4:30pm
3.0 Open Mekala, David
Location: Century College
Building/Room: Century East Campus 2630

Meeting Details
5/29/2019 - 8/14/2019 M W 2:30pm - 4:30pm Century East Campus 2630 Mekala, David

Location Details
Offered through: Century College.
Campus: Century College. Location: Century College.

Seat Availability
Status: Open Size: 30 Enrolled: 6 Seats Remaining: 24

Prerequisites (Courses and Tests)
[MATH 1081 - Single Variable Calculus I (Minimum grade: 1.67 GPA equivalent) AND PHYS 1081 - Introductory Physics I]
Full refund is available until June 3, 2019, 11:59PM CST.
Adding course is closed. Dropping course is closed.
The last day to withdraw from this course is July 30, 2019.

Tuition and Fees (Approximate)

Tuition and Fees (approximate):

Tuition -resident: $481.74
Tuition -nonresident: $481.74
Approximate Course Fees: $61.83

Course Books and Materials
The course material list is not currently available for display.

Course Level

This course covers thermodynamics systems and their equilibrium. Topics include work, heat and the first law of thermodynamics; the properties of pure substances and their equation of state; ideal and real gases and gaseous mixtures. Entropy, reversibility and the second law of thermodynamics are presented. The Carnot cycle is covered along with other engineering cycles, process equations and their efficiencies.   Prerequisite(s): PHYS 1081 and MATH 1081 Recommendation(s): PHYS 1081 and MATH 1081 with grades of C or higher. 

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