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BIOL 2032 - Human Anatomy and Physiology II
Summer 2019, Section 02

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000080 BIOL 2032 02 Human Anatomy and Physiology II
05/28 - 07/17
05/28 - 07/17
12:45pm - 3:15pm
3:30pm - 5:25pm
4.0 Open Thrun, Lori
Sarpong, Kwabena
Location: Century College
Building/Room: Century East Campus 2854
Building/Room: Century East Campus 3862

Meeting Details
5/28/2019 - 7/17/2019 M W 12:45pm - 3:15pm Century East Campus 2854 Thrun, Lori
5/28/2019 - 7/17/2019 M W 3:30pm - 5:25pm Century East Campus 3862 Sarpong, Kwabena

  • BIOL 2032.02 meets for 8 weeks May 28-July 17.

Location Details
Offered through: Century College.
Campus: Century College. Location: Century College.

Seat Availability
Status: Open Size: 24 Enrolled: 15 Seats Remaining: 9

Prerequisites (Courses and Tests)
[BIOL 2031 - Human Anatomy and Physiology I (Minimum grade: 1.67 GPA equivalent)]
Full refund is available until June 3, 2019, 11:59PM CST.
The last day to add this course is 0 business day(s) after May 28, 2019. The last day to drop this course is 4 business day(s) after May 28, 2019.
The last day to withdraw from this course is July 8, 2019.

Tuition and Fees (Approximate)

Tuition and Fees (approximate):

Tuition -resident: $642.32
Tuition -nonresident: $642.32
Approximate Course Fees: $82.44

Course Books and Materials
The course material list is not currently available for display.

Course Level

Minnesota Transfer Curriculum Goal
Goal 03 - Natural Science
  • Demonstrate understanding of scientific theories.
  • Formulate and test hypotheses by performing laboratory, simulation, or field experiments in at least two of the natural science disciplines. One of these experimental components should develop, in greater depth, students' laboratory experience in the collection of data, its statistical and graphical analysis, and an appreciation of its sources of error and uncertainty.
  • Communicate their experimental findings, analyses, and interpretations both orally and in writing.

This is the second of a two-semester lab science course. Human anatomy and physiology are studied using a body systems approach, with emphasis on the interrelationships between form and function at the gross and microscopic levels of organization. Homeostasis is an integrating theme throughout this course. Subjects considered include the cardiovascular system, lymphatic system and immunity, respiratory system, digestive system and metabolism, urinary system, fluid/electrolyte and acid/base balance, and reproductive systems. This course is intended for anyone interested in gaining a better understanding human anatomy and body functions. Prerequisite(s): BIOL 2031 with a grade of C or higher.

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