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BIOL 1725 - Environmental Science
Spring 2020, Section 60

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000053 BIOL 1725 60 Environmental Science
04/07 - 05/12
6:00pm - 8:55pm
4.0 Open Hudson, Rachel
Blended/Hybrid Location: Saint Paul College
Building/Room: Saint Paul College 3250

Meeting Details
4/7/2020 - 5/12/2020 T 6:00pm - 8:55pm Saint Paul College 3250 Hudson, Rachel

  • Blended/Hybrid-OnLine AssignmentsRequire
  • Accelerated course offered the second half of the semester from 3/26/19 to 5/14/19. Blended/Hybrid courses require access to D2L Brightspace. Students must log into their courses before 11:00 pm on the 7th calendar day of the course. If new to D2L Brightspace, students may attend one of the Student Technology Orientations listed at For technical assistance accessing D2L Brightspace and/or courses, please e-mail the

Location Details
Offered through: Saint Paul College.
Campus: Saint Paul College. Location: Saint Paul College.

Seat Availability
Status: Open Size: 24 Enrolled: 21 Seats Remaining: 3

Prerequisites (Courses and Tests)
This course requires any of these eight prerequisites
READ 0721 - Reading 1 (Minimum grade: 1.66 GPA Equivalent)
A score of 60 on test Accuplacer Reading Comprehension
A score of 240 on test Accuplacer NG Reading
A score of 240 on test Accuplacer NG COMP Reading
A score of 19 on test ACT Reading
A score of 460 on test SAT Evidence-Based Read/Write Composite
A score of 1047 on test MN Comprehensive Assessment Reading
A score of 3 on test Reading Placement

Full refund is available until April 8, 2020, 11:59PM CST.
The last day to add this course is 1 business day(s) after April 7, 2020. The last day to drop this course is 1 business day(s) after April 7, 2020.
The last day to withdraw from this course is May 12, 2020.

Tuition and Fees (Approximate)

Tuition and Fees (approximate):

Tuition -resident: $666.16
Tuition -nonresident: $666.16
Approximate Course Fees: $98.72

Course Level

General/Liberal Education Category
  • Goal 3:Natural Sciences
  • Goal 10:People & Environment

Minnesota Transfer Curriculum Goal
  • Goal 03 - Natural Science
    • Demonstrate understanding of scientific theories.
  • Goal 10 - People/Environment
    • Explain the basic structure and function of various natural ecosystems and of human adaptive strategies within those systems.

This course covers basic scientific and ecological principles, including an understanding of how the earth functions, how humans are affecting the earth, and proposed solutions to many of the environmental problems we face. Specific topics include: ecology, human population growth, biotechnology, pollution, human impacts on climate, energy resources, and waste management. Students will be required to take positions on environmental issues and alternative future scenarios. In-class activities will include group discussions and video and the use of internet-based resources. Two hours of lab per week are required and include group experiments, computer simulations, outdoor lab activities, and field trips. Traditional and online sections are available. (Prerequisite(s): READ 0721 with a grade of "C" or better or appropriate assessment score) (MnTC: Goals 3 & 10) 4C/3/1/0

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