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CYBR 432 - Cryptography for Cybersecurity Practitioners
Spring 2021, Section 01

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000784 CYBR 432 01 Cryptography for Cybersecurity Practitioners
01/13 - 04/28
6:00pm - 9:20pm
4.0 Open Rabieh, Khaled
Remote Teaching No In-Person Location: z MnSCU Metropolitan State University

Meeting Details
1/13/2021 - 4/28/2021 W 6:00pm - 9:20pm n/a Rabieh, Khaled

  • First day attendance is mandatory.
  • Synchronous Completely Online; required meetings.
  • Note: This is a completely online course, not an independent study. Course has required synchronous online meetings that require intermediate computer/Internet skills, webcam and microphone and may require remotely proctored exams. For online learning and course access information go to
  • Remote Proctored Requirement
  • Permission Required: No admission after first class meeting.
  • Overlap: ICS 483. Note: Students are responsible to both be aware of and abide by prerequisites for ICS courses for which they enroll, and will be administratively dropped from a course if they have not met prerequisites.

Location Details
Offered through: Metropolitan State University.
Campus: Metropolitan State University. Location: z MnSCU Metropolitan State University.

Seat Availability
Status: Open Size: 32 Enrolled: 8 Seats Remaining: 24

Prerequisites (Courses and Tests)
This course requires either of these prerequisites
ICS 382 - Computer Security
MATH 215 - Discrete Mathematics

  • Permission is required
  • Permission Required: Permission Required: No admission after first class meeting.
  • Requires minimum credits: 30
  • Restricted to the following major(s): Computer Application Development, Computer Forensics, Computer Science, Computer Information Technology, Cybersecurity, Computer Forensics Certificate, Cybersecurity Cert

Full refund is available until January 15, 2021, 11:59PM CST.
Adding course is closed. Dropping course is closed.
The last day to withdraw from this course is April 12, 2021.

Tuition and Fees (Approximate)

Tuition and Fees (approximate):

Tuition -resident: $965.56
Tuition -nonresident: $1,970.00
Approximate Course Fees: $148.44

Course Level

This course provides students with a thorough foundation of applied cryptography for cybersecurity practitioners. As encryption technologies continue to integrate into everyday culture, the importance of cryptography and encryption knowledge of cybersecurity practitioners continues to increase. Students will learn and be able to apply and analyze: the history of cryptography from the earliest ciphers to current encryption methodology, mathematical foundations for cryptography, symmetric and asymmetric algorithms, and applied cryptography pertaining to Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), SSL/TLS, strategies for defense utilizing encryption and cryptography, military applications, steganography, cryptanalysis, and more. Additionally, students will look to the future of cryptography and encryption including a look into quantum cryptography and encryption in cloud environments. Overlap: ICS 483.

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